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10 Thoughts on The Dark Knight Rises, Part I

10 Thoughts on The Dark Knight Rises, Part I

The Dark Knight Rises opened this week, and it’s already thrilling audiences and dividing critics. Here are 10 thoughts on Hollywood’s latest movie phenomenon.

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  • Mike Nichols. 3 days ago
  • Comparison to VERTIGO goes beyond the fact that they're great films. Both have really confounding/interesting/problematic gender dynamics. 5 days ago
  • Finally saw GONE GIRL. At the risk of sounding sycophantic: David Fincher is the rightful heir to Hitchcock, and GONE GIRL is his VERTIGO. 5 days ago
  • Martin Mull and Lesley Ann Warren from CLUE have been cast as Britta's parents on #Community. It's the perfect storm of everything I love. 6 days ago
  • Hadn't listened to a single episode of @Serial before Saturday @ 9 am. It's now Wednesday @ 5:20 pm and I've listened to every ep. Twice. 1 week ago