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10 Thoughts on The Dark Knight Rises, Part I

10 Thoughts on The Dark Knight Rises, Part I

The Dark Knight Rises opened this week, and it’s already thrilling audiences and dividing critics. Here are 10 thoughts on Hollywood’s latest movie phenomenon.

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Current wonderings…

  • That Joker costume looks like what a 50-year-old studio executive would come up with to try to appeal to The Millennials. 1 day ago
  • This Full House thing is so weird. FRIENDS must have done really well for Netflix, because Netflix + multi-cam comedy seems so... unnatural. 5 days ago
  • And man, that #SiliconValley cliffhanger. Hardest I've laughed in months and the best use of a mariachi band in TV history. 6 days ago
  • Stunningly great night of TV tonight. Fascinating #MadMen, great #GameofThrones, and maybe the best ever eps of #Veep and #SiliconValley. 6 days ago
  • RT @kumailn: I like the feeling that something might be good. Even if it ends up sucking, at least I had the feeling it might be good. 1 week ago