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10 Thoughts on The Dark Knight Rises, Part I

10 Thoughts on The Dark Knight Rises, Part I

The Dark Knight Rises opened this week, and it’s already thrilling audiences and dividing critics. Here are 10 thoughts on Hollywood’s latest movie phenomenon.

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  • The last time I can recall thinking "old fart" was an edgy, relevant term, it was my Dad's 40th birthday. That was in 1987. #RAW 14 hours ago
  • Wilder was one of those actors I encountered at every turn: WONKA as a kid, YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN as a teen, BONNIE & CLYDE in film school. 19 hours ago
  • RIP Gene Wilder. The greatest comic actor of all time? 19 hours ago
  • This is my single favorite piece of showbiz news ever. twitter.com/Deadline/statu… 21 hours ago
  • Embarrassingly, still haven't seen The Wire. Survivor gets the nod as my fav non-scripted show. 1 week ago