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10 Thoughts on The Dark Knight Rises, Part I

10 Thoughts on The Dark Knight Rises, Part I

The Dark Knight Rises opened this week, and it’s already thrilling audiences and dividing critics. Here are 10 thoughts on Hollywood’s latest movie phenomenon.

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  • New show tweetz~! #Pitch: Some curious choices (twist ending, Ali Larter's entire character), but generally good. FS1 tie-in pays off. 3 days ago
  • New show tweetz~! #Notorious: All the soapiness of #Scandal/#HTGAWM with little of the wit. Depiction of the media is downright depressing. 3 days ago
  • New show tweetz~! #Easy: Excellent, if not groundbreaking. Willing to explore complex questions re: sex. Great use of anthology format. 4 days ago
  • New show tweetz~! #DesignatedSurvivor: Slightly above average NatSec action/mystery (see: #Quantico). Kiefer's great. Rest is kinda cliche. 4 days ago
  • For the record, I called the big twist in #ThisIsUs literally 4 minutes into the show. It's the most proud of myself I've ever been. 6 days ago