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10 Thoughts on The Dark Knight Rises, Part I

10 Thoughts on The Dark Knight Rises, Part I

The Dark Knight Rises opened this week, and it’s already thrilling audiences and dividing critics. Here are 10 thoughts on Hollywood’s latest movie phenomenon.

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  • RT @ActuallyNPH: (inhale) Happy April 20th! (cough) Very happy to be working in Vancouver. (exhale) 3 days ago
  • Kudos to the detail-oriented #Billions writing staff. Several weeks ago: legit poker terminology (UTG, continuation bet, etc.). (1/2) 1 week ago
  • New (old) show tweetz~! #PrisonBreak: Doesn't look promising. Has more in common with the mostly-awful 4th season than the mostly-great 1st. 2 weeks ago
  • Looking at the @GlowNetflix promo photos that were released today, I will say this: @marcmaron was BORN to play an '80s wrestling promoter. 2 weeks ago
  • New show tweetz~! #Brockmire: Funniest new comedy I've seen this year, maybe in several years. Azaria is great, first 5 mins are incredible. 2 weeks ago