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Changes Abound: I Wonder If You Wonder Makes Way for Something New

If you’re one of the, oh, twelve or so regular readers of this site, you may have noticed that the posts came to a screeching halt about a month ago. This is the reason why.

When I Wonder If You Wonder first went online in January of this year, it was something of an experiment. For several years I had kicked around the idea of a website where scholarly concepts could be joined with opinion pieces to fill in the gap between the ultra-academic film journals on one hand and the multitude of shallow review websites on the other. My initial goal was twofold: I wanted to prove my concept and I wanted to prove to myself that I could actually pull it off. I also wanted some practical experience in site building – seeing what works and what doesn’t, both technologically and in terms of the different types of content I was writing. That was Phase One.

Now I’m getting ready to embark on Phase Two. With six months of experience behind me, I feel more prepared than ever to broaden the scope of this project. So what will that entail, exactly? Simply put, my goal is to take this site and make everything bigger, better, and more streamlined. While the editorial voice will largely remain the same, a multitude of changes, ranging from massive to minor, will go into effect. WordPress has been good to me, but in an effort to broaden the site’s readership, the new site will be hosted at its own domain. In order to reflect this change (and to make everything a little less clunky), the name of the site will be changed. I already have a tentative site and domain name selected, but that information won’t be announced until the site is up and ready to go.

I also hope to bring a couple of new voices to the site: other people with a passion for visual media that can bring new perspectives to the online environment. There will be a brand new design for the site, one that makes it more visually pleasing and easier to navigate. New posts will be uploaded much more frequently than before, and there will be new and exciting weekly features, ones that I expect to be improvements over my current “Weekly Roundup” format.

Overall, this an exciting time for me and for this site. I don’t yet know how long it will be before the new site officially opens, but rest assured that until it’s ready I’ll be hard at work on the new design and new articles… and on trying to recruit a great new team of writers for your reading pleasure.

And in the interim, you can expect to see occasional updates on this site; I already have a new article on The Dark Knight Rises ready to go and at least one other article in the pipeline. And who knows… maybe I’ll even finish off my “30 Days of Alien.”

Thanks for reading, and I hope you’ll join me when the new site’s ready to go.

A.J. Simpson


About A.J. Simpson

Creator and moderator of I Wonder if You Wonder.


2 thoughts on “Changes Abound: I Wonder If You Wonder Makes Way for Something New

  1. A. J., I always enjoy your posts. I look forward to you new site as well.

    Posted by Gary | July 24, 2012, 8:14 pm

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