A.J. Simpson

Hi! I’m A.J., the creator of I Wonder If You Wonder. My friends call me Andrew (probably because that’s my actual name).

I’d like to think I have a pretty wide range of interests in visual media. I’m just as content watching Hollywood action movies or Reality TV as I am watching an established artistic classic. Academically, my primary focus is on the study of popular media, including Hollywood cinema (past and present) and contemporary television, though this doesn’t mean I don’t love the occasional European art film. I’m an enormous film noir fan, I watch a truly absurd amount of television (so much that I literally have to keep a color coded list on my computer so I don’t forget to watch anything!), and I have a soft spot for snappy dialogue and inventive screenwriting. I’m sure that these interests with present themselves with regularity on this blog. And for the record, I don’t know a damn thing about how to work a camera or use editing software… those are mainly for  Film Production students.

Overall, my hope is that through this blog I can shed some light on the academic study of film and television. It is my impression that a pretty big chunk of the public views film critics and theorists as elitist snobs, but the truth is that I’ve taken academic classes on such eclectic subjects as Violence in American Cinema, Cult Cinema, and Vampire Cinema. There’s nothing about film theory that says it can’t be applied to those types of movies as well.

Please enjoy yourself here on the blog, and visit often!



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