Welcome to I Wonder If You Wonder!

This blog went live in January 2012, and is dedicated to providing a forum for the thoughtful discussion of film and television.

The genesis of the site was rooted in the observation that while a great many excellent film and TV web sites exist, they (in this blogger’s humble opinion) tend to err too much on the side of humorous but ultimately shallow reviews or, on the other hand, detailed analyses that are of little interest to casual film fans. It is my hope that I Wonder If You Wonder can be a place where we can have our cake and eat it too by looking at visual media and culture in a way that is both fun and meaningful. This means that very little is out of bounds — if some complicated theoretical concept can be used to make a point, then fantastic, but you’ll be just as likely to see content relating to more accessible topics, like Hollywood movies and popular TV.

Enjoy your stay here, and please feel free to comment! Discussion is the lifeblood of learning.



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