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30(ish) Days of Alien: Day 17 – They Shot Dark Horror Pictures, Didn’t They?

I hate bright movies. I’m not talking about movies that are hopeful or optimistic. I’m talking about lighting choices. I hate movies that are unnaturally well-lit. Advertisements

30 Days of Alien: Day 15 – Will the Real Alien Please Stand Up?

The 1980s were a simpler time. Back then, girls just wanted to have fun, a man could unironically rock out to Toto’s “Africa” without fear of judgment, and TV sitcoms gleefully ignored anything that was controversial (or, y’know, funny). And, with few exceptions, there was only one version of every movie you love.

30 Days of Alien: Day 13 – There Must Be Some Kind of Way Out of Here

In the 1960s and 1970, it’s safe to say that the war in Vietnam was the national obsession of the United States of America and the Western world in general.

30 Days of Alien: Day 7 – Genre Hybridity: Two Great Tastes That Taste Great Together

When you’re a film student who spends much of your life either writing or talking about film, you often find yourself trying to come up with examples that demonstrate various points or concepts. It’s natural to feel more comfortable with certain films than others, so over time you tend to develop a group of movies … Continue reading

30 Days of Alien: Day 6 – Or is it a Sci-Fi Movie?

So if you’ve read yesterday’s article, I think you’ll concede that Alien’s horror credentials are fairly well established. Now about that business of it being a movie about people flying around in a spaceship in the future.

30 Days of Alien: Day 5 – Is it a Horror Movie?

Alien is a movie that takes place on a spaceship in the future, so it must be science-fiction, right? But wait… it’s also a movie that features a vicious monster that kills most of the characters in the film. Isn’t that more like a horror movie? With these two questions, we’ve taken our first steps … Continue reading

Listmania: The 10 Greatest Examples of Film Noir, Part II

Listmania is a weekly feature on I Wonder If You Wonder. Last week, I wrote about films 10 through 6 on my list of the greatest noir films of all time. This week: the Top 5.

Listmania: The 10 Greatest Examples of Film Noir, Part I

Listmania is a weekly feature on I Wonder If You Wonder. This week’s focus: film noir.

When Movies Matter

As far as I know, there are only two films in the history of cinema that have essentially saved a person’s life: The Thin Blue Line and Paradise Lost.

Something Always Brings Me Back to You: Community’s Exercise in Interactive Television

If you’re not watching NBC’s Community, you’re missing something special. It will quickly become one of your favorite TV shows. Or you might hate it. That seems to happen a lot, actually. Rarely does a show come along that is as polarizing as Community, and judging by its anemic ratings (anemic for a network TV … Continue reading

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