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I Have No Attention Span: Music, Movies, and the Connection Between — wait — is that a squirrel outside?

As I’ve written about extensively in previous articles, I’m a total media addict. While this addiction usually manifests itself in the movies and TV shows I watch, I also try to keep up to date with other aspects of pop culture, including music. I go out of my way to listen to as wide a … Continue reading

How Postmodernism Went Mainstream: A Lady Gaga Tangent

I’m a 27-year-old heterosexual male. And I love Lady Gaga. Okay, “love” might be pushing it, but I listen to her music way more than is socially acceptable for someone in my demographic group. But it wasn’t her voice (which is massively underrated) or the pulse of her characteristic dance beats that first turned me … Continue reading

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