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Boys Club: The Gender Politics of The Big Bang Theory

I can safely say that I’ve never analyzed a 22-minute sitcom as closely as I am about to, but there’s a first time for everything. With The Big Bang Theory on a brief hiatus due to NCAA basketball, it’s worth taking a look at its most recent episode, “The Weekend Vortex.” Advertisements

Vertical Exploitation: The Six Companies That Control Your Life, Part I

Imagine that you’re 12 years old. You live in New York City with your parents, and you’ve got a pretty good life. You’re a good student and an avid reader – when you were a few years younger, your favorite book was Maurice Sendak’s classic children’s tale Where the Wild Things Are, and now you’re … Continue reading

I Have No Attention Span: Music, Movies, and the Connection Between — wait — is that a squirrel outside?

As I’ve written about extensively in previous articles, I’m a total media addict. While this addiction usually manifests itself in the movies and TV shows I watch, I also try to keep up to date with other aspects of pop culture, including music. I go out of my way to listen to as wide a … Continue reading

…a Dish Best Served Cold

In a year with so many high-profile disappointments on the network TV schedule – the dead-on-arrival The Playboy Club, the impossibly bad Charlie’s Angels remake, and the show for people who’d like to watch Mad Men but can’t stand subtlety, Pan Am – ABC’s Revenge has been a surprise hit. It’s got a lot of … Continue reading

Something Always Brings Me Back to You: Community’s Exercise in Interactive Television

If you’re not watching NBC’s Community, you’re missing something special. It will quickly become one of your favorite TV shows. Or you might hate it. That seems to happen a lot, actually. Rarely does a show come along that is as polarizing as Community, and judging by its anemic ratings (anemic for a network TV … Continue reading

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